Frequently Asked Questions

What is Cognition Cloud?

Cognition Cloud is a revolutionary new approach to IT. We move your PC to the cloud so it can then be accessed from anywhere.

We can also provide your Internet, voice services and everything your business needs to power flexible, modern working.

Your existing hardware investments will last longer and your IT costs can be wrapped up in a predictable monthly bill that can be scaled up or down to respond to your needs.

Cognition Cloud saves you money and helps to reduce your carbon footprint.

Cognition Cloud. Sustainable. Smart. Secure.

What makes Cognition Cloud Sustainable?

Cognition Cloud reduces the environmental impact of your IT in four key ways

Longer hardware replacement lifecycles
You don’t need to replace your hardware as often so the considerable environmental impact of producing new computers and shipping them all over the world is reduced.

Reduced e-waste
Over 50m tonnes of e-waste is produced each year as a result of companies disposing of old equipment. Cognition Cloud can double the lifespan of your computers helping to reduce waste.

Renewable energy
Cognition Cloud computers are hosted in technology efficient data centres that run only on renewable energy, reducing the carbon footprint associated with powering your desktop.

Reduced power consumption
When your existing computers are used to access your cloud desktops they use up to 20% less electricity.

By migrating to Cognition Cloud you increase the lifetime of your existing hardware investment reducing cost and environmental impact.

What makes Cognition Cloud Smart?

Management overhead:
Cognition Cloud manages all your IT needs for you and consolidates your licensing and services into a predictable monthly cost.

New standardised desktops can be deployed as and when they are needed and can flex as your company grows and your staff are onboarded.

With your data and applications centralised in the cloud, they can be accessed from any device, anywhere as long as you have an Internet connection.

Employee Satisfaction and Retention:
Employees now expect the benefits and flexibility of a hybrid or remote working environment. Cognition Cloud gives your business a number of different options to enable this.

Hardware lifespan:
Cognition Cloud optimised remote access operating systems are lightweight and use minimal power. As a result, existing hardware that would normally need to be replaced can be repurposed.

Desktop Persistence:
No matter how or where you access your desktop it will always be the same as when you last left it. No long boot up times, no profile downloads.

What is included with Cognition Cloud?

Cognition Cloud aims to provide your business with a one-stop shop for all your IT needs. The standard service is based around the Cognition Cloud Desktop as a Service offering, but we can tailor this to the needs of your individual business. Contact us today to speak to one of our experts to find out more,

How can Cognition Cloud save me money on hardware?

With your computers in the cloud, the PC on your desk becomes a simple terminal needing only access to the Internet to reach your desktop. Cognition Cloud converts your old PCs to a lean linux operating system that can run on much lower specifications machines without impacting the user experience. Upgrades on the cloud-based desktop OS and apps do not require local PC upgrades.

What Devices can I Reuse with Cognition Cloud Desktop?

You can use any x86 device to connect to your Cognition Cloud desktop. You can also connect using most iOS and Android devices.  To ensure your users still get a great experience on your old computer, we can upgrade them by providing new monitors, keyboards, cameras, mice and headsets.

Does Cognition Cloud Provide Internet Connectivity?

Yes. Cognition Cloud can provide fast and reliable Internet and networking services to your business premises and support your remote workers. Speak to us today to discuss the best options for your business. 

Can Cognition Cloud Manage My Telephony?

It isn’t just telephony, Cognition Cloud enables full collaboration custom-built for businesses, linking every part of your business together from messaging, calling, meetings, sharing files and integration to existing third-party applications you may be using. 

Cognition Cloud uses TeamsLink from Wavenet to bring external calling into the Microsoft Teams Calling solution to take your business’ deployment of Teams to the next level.

Can I Use My Existing AD to Manage Access to Cognition Cloud?

Yes, you can either connect your existing directory services, or we can migrate them to Azure AD and manage them for you.

Sustainable. Smart. Secure.

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