Internet Services

Internet Connectivity is crucial infrastructure for any modern business.

Internet Connectivity is crucial infrastructure for any modern business.

There is a dizzying aray of products and services available on the market to connect your business to the Internet. Cognition Cloud can provide advice and guidance on what is best for your business, available in your area whether you need an office network, or you’re providing connectivity for home workers.

To make it simple, we recommend your business start with one of three options. 


Single order Generic Ethernet Access (SoGEA) is simpler than it sounds. It is just a new solution that enables us to provide broadband without needing a phone line.

Why no phone line?

BT Openreach is shutting down it’s fixed line telephone network. If you are still using PSTN (public switched telephone network) services for your telephone calls you are going to need an Internet based replacement. We would expect this to save you money and give you a better service, so good news!

Who is it for?

SoGEA is similar to today’s broadband in that its maximum download speed is 80 Mbps. This makes it suitable for home workers or for smaller sites where you need to balance speed with cost.

Cognition Cloud partners with Wavenet to provide you the fastest, most reliable and best value services.


Fibre to the Premises (FTTP) is the new full fibre Internet solution that connects your premise directly to the nearest Ethernet node.

This means your business can benefit from speeds up to 1Gb, with fast installation, market-leading SLAs and a much more reliable connection. Providing unrivalled stability and high bandwidth better suited to the digital demands of both personal and business users when compared to standard broadband.

Full-fibre cabling technology is used to transfer data at high speed from the local exchange, directly to your premises.


SoGEA and FTTP are considered ‘shared connectivity’ services. This means that bandwidth is shared by all the premisis that are connected to an exchange.

With Ethernet, your bandwidth in uncontested. It is a dedicated service for your business and won’t be impacted by the way other people in your area are using their Internet.

There are different flavours of Ethernet. Two good options are Leased Lines and Generic Ethernet Access (GEA).

Leased Line Fibre Ethernet

This is a dedicated fibre leased line connection from your location back to the provider’s Core Network for Internet or MPLS Breakout. This solution offers the very best levels of reliability and speed.

A leased line is best for any business where a loss of connectivity would have an impact on business continuity.

Bandwidth is uncontested and can provide speeds of 2Mb to 10Gb – upload and download speeds are synchronous.

Generic Ethernet Access

Also known as EoFTTC or Ethernet over Fibre To The Cabinet. Fibre (or copper if fibre not available) connects to the nearest street cabinet, a dedicated Ethernet line then carries data back to the provider’s Core network giving Internet breakout.

GEA provides many of the same benefits as leased lines, but with lower cost.

Sustainable. Smart. Secure.

 Cognition Cloud – Full Fibre Connectivity

Cognition Cloud partners with Wavenet to provide you the fastest, most reliable and best value  connectivity services.

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