Unified Communications

Reliable telephony, with the option of rich, and clear video collaboration tools are the power that fuels a high performing hybrid workforce.

What is Unified Communication?

The term “Unified Communication” or “UC” describes not only how we connect different communication systems for the digital workforce, but also includes collaboration tools.

Seamless UC provides a much higher level of interaction compared with traditional telephony. It breaks down the silos between teams, and ensures that no matter where you work, you can still access the same secure system.

In short, UC incorporates:

  • Instant Messaging 
  • Voice and video calling
  • Meetings
  • Team collaboration (channels)
  • File sharing
  • Integrated apps

Why you
need Unified

Unified Communication is a concept that appeals to businesses from almost any background, of any size. Pretty much all businesses today need to embrace the latest, and most efficient channels like video conferencing and instant messaging. However, using multiple separate applications can be expensive, time-consuming and overwhelming.

Today’s small businesses can benefit from things like video calling, instant messaging, and VOIP in the same way that larger companies can. At the same time, small firms are under increasing pressure to find not only a system that ties these different applications and services together but minimises costs too. To compete, any small company needs to innovate quickly, communicate constantly and keep expenses low.

Enter Unified Communications.

The Benefits of
UC for Small and Medium Sized Businesses

As smaller businesses struggle to boost their external connections with customers and enhance their internal communications among employees, UC is becoming a powerful solution for many companies. UC can integrate desk phones, PCs, and mobile devices with a range of additional capabilities like voice recording, video calling, and instant messaging, so that anyone within a small organisation can connect with the right person, at the right time, using any device.

UC helps small and medium sized businesses to keep their teams running smoothly with as little initial investment as possible. In fact, cloud-based UC services can even eliminate the traditional CapEx spend associated with on-premise communication. UC provides the following benefits for small businesses:

Enhances Productivity

Time is money, and in a small business, there’s no money to waste. UC ensures that all your communications are accessible through the same streamlined interface, meaning that employees can work together faster, and more efficiently.

Promotes Productivity

With UC, small businesses can give employees access to the tools they need to communicate efficiently whether they’re in the office, or on the move. Staff can engage in everything from video conferencing to persistent chat with IM.

Reduces Office Space Costs

Small businesses are under incredible pressure to keep costs low. As remote working grows more popular, UC provides small companies with a cost-effective, and cloud-based way to access expertise from across the globe. With remote workers, firms don’t need to pay for as much physical office space, leading to reduced operating costs.

What are
the UC options?

There are a variety of UC products on the market. Microsoft Teams comes as standard with all Cognition Cloud packages as it is included in the M365 bundle of services.

Each product has its own strengths and weaknesses. With it’s native integration with the rest of the Office suite of applications, we think MS Teams provides the best overall experience. However, if you want or need to use a different product, please speak to us.

What about
my telephones?

With Unified Communication your telephony service is provided over the Internet. This means that you can make and receive telephone calls using your computers, mobile phones or tablets. For some specific use cases it might still make sense to use traditional telephone handsets. In many cases we can adapt these for use with your preferred UC solution.

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Prior to setting up Cognition Cloud our founders worked on delivering UC solutions to some of the largest companies in the world. We know UC.

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