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Your employees care.

Your customers care.

Your investors care.

If you care about them – then you care about sustainability too. 

 Computers are responsible for more greenhouse gas emissions than chemicals, shipping or aviation. 

To make every new computer you buy requires:


Average CO2e emissions – for 100 laptops that is as much as 8 cars produce in a year

190,000 litres

Water is used – enough drinking water for the average person to last 700 years

1,100 kWh

Energy – enough to power the average UK house for 4-5 months


Of the Earth’s resources are mined and consumed

Sustainable desktop as a service for UK businesses

Cognition Cloud’s solution is simple

If you can continue to use your existing computers for twice as long – you displace the environmental impact by spreading it over a longer time frame.

We do this by moving computing power to the cloud. Ageing computers are repurposed with an alternative operating system. This allows them to be used for twice as long. They also consume between 22% – and 49% less power. 

If you replace your computers every 3 years – then the embodied emissions from each computer amounts to 100kgs per year. Extend your replacement cycle to 6 years and you cut that in half. 

How much CO2 can you save?

To get an idea of how much you can reduce your CO2 emissions for each extra year you continue to use your exising computers take a look at our calculator. 

At Cognition Cloud we are passionate about making IT more sustainable. Our services enable your organisation to use your computers for longer, saving you money and significantly reducing your carbon footprint.

Our calculator is designed to give you an insight into the impact of using your computers for longers. For a free assessment of the sustainability of your IT, please get in touch. 

Sustainability Calculator

How many kgs of scope 3 CO2 emissions can you save.
Try out the calculator below to find out.


Why is Sustainability Important for my Business?

Aside from the risks posed to all business by climate change, research shows that companies with some form of sustainability or decarbonisation strategy enjoy higher revenues, stronger profits growth, a superior ability to attract and retain talent, better customer retention and greater access to finance. 

Sustainability matters to employee recruitment and retention

40% of UK workers are disappointed by the lack of effort and resource put into sustainability by their employer, despite over half (53%) choosing it as a key factor when making a decision about which company to work for. Companies that lack credible sustainability credentials will be at a disadvantage when it comes to attracting the best talent.

Sustainability matters for customer acquisition and loyalty

If you sell to government, or your business is part of the supply chain of a larger organisation, sustainability is increasingly mandatory.

UK government departments have sustainable procurement policies. If you do not meet sustainability criteria you will not even be considered for contracts.

Similarly larger enterprises have integrated sustainability critiera into their procurement and RFP processes. Companies that don’t meet the criteria are at a competitive disadvantage.

Sustainability matters for your brand

A sustainable brand image drives sales and engenders trust. Of course the image has to be backed by genuine sustainable practices. Greenwashing, or exagerated claims of sustainability will do more harm than good.

Sustainability matters for your bottom line

Sustainable business practices are all about increasing efficiency, reducing waste and reducing unnecessary consumption. These all result in lower cost, higher profits and greater resiliance.

Sustainable. Smart. Secure.

 Cognition Cloud – On a mission to make IT more sustainable

We started Cognition Cloud because we care about the planet and we see the potential to make a difference through IT. Join us. 

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