Cognition Cloud provides Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) as a service to small and medium sized businesses in the UK.

We help them to save money and reduce waste whilst making their systems and data more secure.

We are passionate about reducing the carbon footprint from IT.

Sustainable. Smart. Secure.

Our Mission

Cognition Cloud’s mission is to help businesses and other organisations reduce the environmental impact from IT and Communications Technology. We believe that sustainability shouldn’t come at the expense of performance or security. Going green can also save you money. 

Our History

Prior to starting Cognition Cloud, founders Michael and David spent their careers delivering end-user computing, productivity and digital transformation programmes to large global enterprises including UBS, Fidelity International, BP, SAB Miller Coors and Carphone Warehouse.

Why We Started Cognition Cloud

Having worked in this environment for a combined 40 years plus, they have helped large enterprises to take advantage of the many benefits of VDI (virtual desktop infrastructure) including enhanced security, the flexibility to work anywhere on any device, the ability to scale up or down to meet the needs of a changing workforce and the means to securely enable BYOD (bring your own device).

Because implementing and operating VDI environments typically runs into the tens of millions of pounds this technology has always been out of reach for small and medium sized businesses.

Until now…


Our Partners

Microsoft is disrupting the traditional VDI market with their Azure VDI platform as a service (PaaS). However to plan, implement and administer Azure VDI requires some specialist skill-sets. Pricing is based on consumption, so cost over-runs on Azure services are commonplace. 

Through partnership with Microsoft and Igel Cognition Cloud is now bringing the benefit of Azure VDI to businesses with as few as 50 users with a fixed-price, fully managed service offering. Take a look at our Plans & Pricing page to find out more. 

In addition to the flexibility and security benefits that have driven large businesses to adopt VDI, Cognition Cloud can help companies to extend the life of their existing computers, saving them money and avoiding the green house gas emissions associated with PC production and distribution.

This video below describes Azure Virtual Desktop (formerly know as Windows Virtual Desktop) in detail. Cognition Cloud takes the complexity and uncertainty out of the Azure VDI model, offering predictable pricing and expertise in application deliver. 

Sustainable. Smart. Secure.

Sustainable. Smart. Secure.

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Other products & services

Laptops and Desktops

At Cognition Cloud, we believe businesses should use their computers for longer. The best computer is the one you already have on your desk. 

The next best thing for the environment and value for money is a remanufactured laptop from Circular Computing.

When your repurposed devices have reached the end of their extended usable life, or you just need more computers, Cognition Cloud can provide replacements from Circular Computing. New models are also available to meet any specific use case. 

Unified Communications

Reliable telephony, with the option of rich, and clear video collaboration tools are the power that fuels a high performing hybrid workforce.

Cognition Cloud brings together the collaboration benefits of Microsoft Teams with calling features to replace your traditional telephony.  You keep your existing telephone numbers and use them in Teams. Make and receive UK, international and mobile calls even with non-Teams contacts with reliable and cost-effective calling bundles.  Your team stays connected and organised, all in one place. Want or need to use your existing telephones? No problem. 


Internet Connectivity is crucial infrastructure for any modern business.  

Cognition Cloud partners with Wavenet to provide you the fastest, most reliable and best value  services.  Cognition Cloud can provide advice and guidance on what is best for your business, available in your area whether you are connecting offices or providing for home workers.

There is a range of different options available.  


Great local peripherals enhance the experience of the best of cloud desktops. 

Cognition Cloud can recommend and supply the best devices for your business, your budget and for the environment. Such as:

  • MS Teams Certified Webcams
  • MS Teams Certified Headsets
  • MS Teams Certified Handsets
  • MS Teams Room Systems
  • Monitors, Keyboards, Mice


At Cognition Cloud, we believe the most sustainable phone is the one in your pocket. Use your phone for longer, simplify your contracts and remove common pain points with Cognition Cloud SIM Only Business Mobile. 

Cognition Cloud can bundle mobile services into your single monthly bill.  Our simple SIM only plans give you:

  • 5G Mobile Connectivity bringing near-instant downloads and lower latency.
  • Network Agnostic Options - multi-network SIMs and in-life carrier changes to keep you connected regardless of your location across the UK. 
  • Shared data bundles - pool data between users and reduce the risk of overspend.
  • One bill, one contract - Select from a mix of all 3 (EE; Vodafone; O2) major carriers in the UK.
  • Remove mobile bill-shock - cap monthly spend on a per SIM basis.

When the time comes when you have to replace your phone, why not chose Fairphone. A fairer phone, for a fairer world. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Cognition Cloud?

Cognition Cloud is a revolutionary new approach to IT. We move your PC to the cloud so it can then be accessed from anywhere leveraging Microsoft’s Azure VDI platform. 

We can also provide your Internet, voice services and everything your business needs to power flexible, modern working.

Your existing hardware investments will last longer and your IT costs can be wrapped up in a predictable monthly bill that can be scaled up or down to respond to your needs.

Cognition Cloud saves you money and helps to reduce your carbon footprint.

Cognition Cloud. Sustainable. Smart. Secure.

What makes Cognition Cloud Sustainable?

Cognition Cloud reduces the environmental impact of your IT in four key ways

Longer hardware replacement lifecycles
You don’t need to replace your hardware as often so the considerable environmental impact of producing new computers and shipping them all over the world is reduced.

Reduced e-waste
Over 50m tonnes of e-waste is produced each year as a result of companies disposing of old equipment. Cognition Cloud can double the lifespan of your computers helping to reduce waste.

Renewable energy
Cognition Cloud computers are hosted in technology efficient data centres that run only on renewable energy, reducing the carbon footprint associated with powering your desktop.

Reduced power consumption
When your existing computers are used to access your cloud desktops they use up to 20% less electricity.

By migrating to Cognition Cloud you increase the lifetime of your existing hardware investment reducing cost and environmental impact.

What makes Cognition Cloud Smart?

Management overhead:
Cognition Cloud manages all your IT needs for you and consolidates your licensing and services into a predictable monthly cost.

New standardised desktops can be deployed as and when they are needed and can flex as your company grows and your staff are onboarded.

With your data and applications centralised in the cloud, they can be accessed from any device, anywhere as long as you have an Internet connection.

Employee Satisfaction and Retention:
Employees now expect the benefits and flexibility of a hybrid or remote working environment. Cognition Cloud gives your business a number of different options to enable this.

Hardware lifespan:
Cognition Cloud optimised remote access operating systems are lightweight and use minimal power.  As a result, existing hardware that would normally need to be replaced can be repurposed.

Desktop Persistence:
No matter how or where you access your desktop it will always be the same as when you last left it. No long boot up times, no profile downloads.

What makes Cognition Cloud Secure?

With Cognition Cloud you get enhanced security both in the cloud and on the endpoint you use to access the Cloud.

Cognition Cloud desktop service is based on Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop. Everything within the Azure environment is automatically encrypted and backed up and has sophisticated prevention and detection methods to mitigate cyber attacks.

When you access your desktop in the cloud, Cognition Cloud protects you with Igel OS. As a highly secure Linux-based operating system, Igel OS is virtually impossible to manipulate and extremely resistant to viruses and other malware.

Net Zero Ambitions? It’s All About Resources.

Net Zero Ambitions? It’s All About Resources.

With many parts of the world suffering under the heat of record-breaking temperatures, the impact of
global warming is finally starting to take hold. Under increasing pressure from customers, investors and
regulators, more and more businesses are making the commitment to reduce their emissions to “net zero”.

4 Ways Businesses Can Save Money & Reduce IT Waste 

4 Ways Businesses Can Save Money & Reduce IT Waste 

According to Flexera’s 2022 State of the Cloud report, 32% of cloud computing resources are typically wasted. This means that businesses can save money by identifying the resources that they are not using and reducing their resource allocation.

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Sustainable. Smart. Secure.

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