Need to Reduce Your Business Energy Bills

In the current economic environment, any opportunity to make savings is worth considering. If you’re business is running an office full of computers that is going to impact your energy bills. 

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Is your business facing cost pressures from rising energy prices?

If you are running standard desktop computers, they could be costing your £100 per year in electricity – over even more. As prices rise in 2023 this looks to get worse. The price per kWh is forecast to rise to £0.34.

As part of our managed cloud desktop servive, we convert your existing computers to secure edge devices.

Once converted, your computers don’t have to work as hard. As a result, they consume less power – 22% – 49% less power.

At today’s energy prices, the savings can be significant.

Electricity Savings Calculator

Electricity is expensive right now. Converting your existing computers to low-energy edge devices will reduce their consumption by about a third. This calculator gives you a guide as to how much you can save.

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